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Oct 20 2010

Two Tens for a Five

Thanks to Mrs. Melhorn for this funny video clip from the classic  comedians, Abbott & Costello.

It just goes to show you why understanding math is sooooo important!

Happy Wednesday. Enjoy!

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Sep 09 2010

Puzzling Math

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Hi Blog Visitors! We are so happy you are visiting (and hopefully commenting!) on our class blog.
We’d like to share our learning with you as often as we can…at least we’ll try! Here is a picture our teacher took of some number puzzles we were asked to solve.  We started off the unit with only being given two clues, then three, then 4. We learned about the importance of deciding which clue we should use first to help eliminate as many numbers as possible in order to lead us closer to the real answer. We’ve been gaining a better understanding of prime numbers, composite numbers, multiples, factors, and so on. Check it out!

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Sep 07 2009

Gaining Access to Student Online Handbook–Math

Every student in Room 230 has access to the Math Student Handbook online.  This fantastic resource can help you to understand strategies, concepts, and tasks learned in class and it can help you if you get stuck while doing your math homework.

Are you stuck?   Need some help?  Go to the Math Investigations Website and log in.


Once you’ve logged in you’ll have access to the Student Handbook and LogoPaths & Shapes!

access handbook

Once you’ve clicked on Investigations OSE G5 – you’ll see a pop-up screen like this:

security warning

Just click on Continue.  The following screen will appear.

task sheets

Click on the unit – (we’re working on Number Puzzles & Multiple Towers now – that comes under Number & Operations).  Scroll down to find the page numbers that are at the top of your homework sheet.  Click on that file and a PDF will download for you. (You may be prompted to save the PDF before it will download, or your computer settings may allow you to automatically download PDF files).  You will need a PDF viewer to be able to open these files.  You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for FREE here.

Student Math Handbook

These files are full of examples and explanations to help you understand whatever we covered in class.  Hopefully you won’t be stuck anymore!  If you are though, PLEASE ask Ms B. for help in the morning.

Enjoy the Math Investigations Online resource!

*Thanks to Ms.Hellyer for helping comprise this post!

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