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Oct 05 2010

How Great is Nate?

Big Nate is a popular read these days at the Elementary level.

Miss Tara, our librarian, has recently purchased 6 more copies of it

for the library because there was a waiting list of 29 students who wanted to read it!!


Today during our library time, Ms. Tara introduced us to a really fun website for the Big Nate book. It even allows you to read the

first 4o pages of the book…for FREE!

How cool is that?

What other websites do you know about that offer FREE chapters or parts of chapters?

I personally know that Canadian authors M & L Wade’s popular series called And Then It Happened offers free chapters online!

Please comment below if you know of any other websites where we can read parts of books for free.

Be WARNED, however– you might end up really liking what you read and then have to get the book to finish what you started!

I look forward to reading your suggestions!

Miss B.

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