May 19 2011

Stream Tables–Our Own Investigations!

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In Science, we’ve been learning about Landforms. I’ve been learning all sorts of new words such as erosion, deposition and canyon. Today in Science class we were able to design our own stream table investigation. We’ve been learning about how water carves away the earth materials, such as in the Grand Canyon. So far, we’ve done experiments with stream tables dealing with flood situations, slope and of course a standard (flat surface, no change to the original set up).

Our group decided to test what would happen when we added a mountain infront of the water source. (See the picture below of what our set up looked like).  I predicted that_______________.

What ended up happening was that__________________________

It was quite interesting to get a chance to see what everyone else’s stream tables results looked like. I was most surprised by _____________ because _______________. If I was to do it all over again, next time I might choose to investigate ________________.

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