Mar 24 2011

Author Keith Baker Visits!

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We were very lucky and honored to have author Keith Baker visit the Elementary school this year! You may know him the most from his Mr. & Mrs. Green series (4 books).

He started off his hour with us by explaining how he was really an illustrator first before an author. He loved all aspects of art and went to college to study it. He showed us some of his ‘old’ drawings from when he was younger. Boy, is he talented! He drew 9 blank faces on a piece of chart paper and quickly explained how he gives emotion to his characters–he showed us happy, sad, angry, mad, laughing, thinking, and more! Check out the photos below to see what I mean!

He did an oral retelling of The Magic Fan, and how the idea for the book came to be. I’ve included the youtube video below of this. Mr. Baker explained to us that a lot of thought goes into his character. For instance, in his book Who Is the Beast? it took him several tries to get just the right drawing of what he wanted the lion to look like. He looks at photographs to help him draw.

He also told us some secrets about how he likes to hide animals in each of his pictures. Look carefully the next time you pick up a Keith Baker book!

He told us he’s really into sketching penguins at the moment and will probably create a penguin character for a future book.

Overall, a fantastic visit! We wonder who will our next author visit be?


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  1.   Paytonon 19 Apr 2011 at 2:47 AM

    Dear 230’s class,

    We had Keith Baker come to our school all the way in America!! He does some traveling, now doesn’t he! He had some interesting stories to tell. Could you understand him, or did he have to translate? What languges do you speak?

    From, Payton in Mrs. Atkins Allstars

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