Mar 02 2011

Poets a Plenty

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We have wrapped up our poetry unit with the students each responsible for completing a poetry anthology. Check out the individual student blogs for a few of their specially selected poems they’d like to share with you!

As one of our strategies for gathering ideas for poetry writing, we went outside, found a spot to sit or walk quietly around and wrote down anything that popped into our minds.  Some of us sat under trees, while others sat on bleachers and just let the sights and sounds speak for themselves and inspire.

We took our ideas and each of us turned them into a poem. Next, our poems were used to create a piece of art inspired by our poem. We used techniques from Barbara Reid, a well-known Canadian author/illustrator who uses plasticine (modeling clay) to create her illustrations! I’ve included a link to her website which has videos showing you exactly how she works her magic! Click here to visit now.

Check out the photos below of our finished plasticine artwork and us at work!

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