Feb 24 2011

Who Has the Power?

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Today our class is spending time learning about a reading strategy in our Social Issues unit.
The strategy is : Readers think about who has the power in the story and its affect on the other characters.

We are following 4 steps to do this:
1. Identify which character has the power.
2. Ask yourself, “How do they use this power?”
3. Think about how the other characters view this character’s actions.
4. Stop and Jot your thoughts.

When thinking about ‘who has the power’, I couldn’t help but think back to my childhood and the fabulous cartoon called He-Man. Watch this clip from the introduction of the cartoon and you’ll see what I mean…

When using this reading strategy, I am not talking about which character has a magical power like He-Man, but rather, which character has the ability to influence others–this could be in a negative way, OR positive way!

We recently read Your Move by Eve Bunting and there is definitely a character in this story that uses power in a negative way. If you haven’t read the book, be sure to check it out at your library!

Happy Reading!

Miss B.

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