Feb 22 2011

Have You Heard of a Sea Monkey?

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If you haven’t heard of a Sea Monkey, you’re not alone. Sea Monkeys, also known as Brine Shrimp, are tiny crustaceans that need salt water to hatch and survive! We have been studying them recently in our Environments unit in class. We were trying to find out what their range of tolerance was in various concentrations of salt water, as well as their preferred environment in which to hatch. We found out that…

1. Out of 4 cups of water, ranging from 0 spoons of salt to 3 spoons of salt, the Brine Shrimp seemed to hatch the most in 2-3 spoons of salt.

2. Their range of tolerance was 1-3 spoons of salt.

3. No shrimp hatched in 0 spoons.

Something else that is interesting is the fact that Brine Shrimp do NOT like very salty water, so you won’t find them in oceans or seas, only salt water ponds and lakes.

Take a look at our video below which captures a live Brine Shrimp swimming under the microscope! Cool!


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