Jan 27 2011

G’Day Mate!

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Do you know what a billabong is? How about a jumbuck? No? What about a billy? A chook? Or a jumper?These are just some of the slang words that Australian people use to describe certain everyday things.  Check out the answer to my questions at the bottom of this post!

We had a lot of fun yesterday, Jan. 26th celebrating Australia day with Ms. Hahn’s class. Why did we celebrate? Why not!?  Ms. Hahn is Australian, however, and it’s fun to learn about another country that most of us have not visited!

Do you know what Damper is? This is a type of traditional Australian bush bread that we made in class. There’s not much to it: flour, milk, salt and a few other ingredients. We really enjoyed eating it and some of us even put butter and/or Golden Syrup on top! Yum!

The didgeridoo was an Australian instrument we each had an opportunity to try to play.  It may have sounded funny when we tried it, but when done properly, it sounds truly amazing. Check out the video below of an Aboriginal from Australia playing this fascinating instrument.

Not only did we play the didgeridoo, but we also sang Waltzing Matilda and learned what the lyrics might mean. We followed the song with learning a dance. The youtube video below shows us performing the dance! Not bad!

Boomerang throwing was our last activity. We learned about how the boomerang is aerodynamic and is made a certain way. It’s a lot harder than it looks!  Did you know that the original purpose of the boomerang was as a weapon? It was used in hunting and warfare. Now, it’s a popular toy and hopefully when you throw it, it will come back to you.  We practiced throwing them outside in 5 groups of 8, each of us getting about 2 tries.  Check out our video below of us throwing! Have you ever thrown a boomerang?





billabong–waterhole            Jumbuck–sheep        billy–tin can to boil water for tea           jumper–sweater        Chook–chicken

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  1.   Mrs. Kistler and the 49'erson 02 Feb 2011 at 11:29 AM

    Room 230,

    Throwing a boomerang looks fun, but harder than I thought! Is Damper bread like a pancake? Here in San Antonio, Texas, we make a special bread called a tortilla. They are common in Mexico, too. It is a flat bread and is best served warm with a pat of butter inside. What are the seasons in Bangkok? Here it is winter, but your boomerang video looks like summer!

    Happy Blogging,
    Mrs. Kistler

  2.   Surya, Stephanie, Spencer and Sean, 49'erson 07 Feb 2011 at 12:09 PM

    Room 230,
    Australia looks like a fun place to be. Was Damper bread with syrup good? What is the best thing you learned about Australia?

    Surya, Stephanie, Spencer and Sean

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