Nov 23 2010


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What does International meant to you?

Our Elementary school celebrated International Week recently and the theme this year was…


We each explored the question ‘What does it mean to be free to be?’ During the week, the students helped to create a wall mural with a symbol from their country that represents freedom.

On one of the days, we all dressed up in our national costume and thanks to the wonderful parents and with the help of staff and I.As, classrooms were transformed into various countries. In our Grade 5 quad, Canada, India, Brazil, Sweden and Denmark, U.S.A. were represented.  We traveled around to each classroom with our passports and got them stamped before we moved to the next country.

If only travel could be that easy!

Due to the fact that I am Canadian, I felt right at home as my classroom was transformed into a winter wonderland. We even made snow! Check out the video I’ve included below.


Please check out the individual student blogs for their own personal reflections on International Week.

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