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Aug 26 2010

7 Things About Miss B.

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1.  My favorite food is a tie between Polish, Indian, and Italian food.

2.  I enjoy a good Starbucks coffee every now and then.

3.  I am going to attempt to do the Phuket Triathalon this year!

4.  I thoroughly enjoy almost all types of activities to do

with water: swimming, surfing, sailing, tow-surfing, etc.

5.  I used to have a fish that floated (and yes, was alive!)

6.  I have 1 sister

7.  My 2 favorite seasons are Summer and Autumn

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Aug 25 2010

Parent Access to Various Online Resources

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Back to School Night is a chance to get a closer look at a typical day in your child’s school life.  It allows parents to get a deeper understanding of the curriculum, resources used, units of study, and so on. There is a lot of information presented and it can be hard to ‘take it all in’!  Below, I’ve provided several links to resources you may wish to look at when it is more convenient for you.  I may add more to this list as needed/required.

I’m looking forward to seeing you Thursday evening!

Miss Robin Bulsza :)classphoto2010

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Aug 24 2010

Need a Boost?

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I have several blogs and websites that I follow in order to feed my interest in the world’s news and the local news “back home” in Ontario. I recently read a good article on kids and breakfast foods and the importance of eating a nutrient-packed breakfast before school. Click here for it.

While most students seem to come to school with a full belly, from time to time, I still know of some students who say things like, “Miss B., I just didn’t have time to eat this morning”, or “I don’t like the breakfast I’m given”.  Take a look at this short article about why breakfast is important and some of the yummy suggestions they offer.

Have a yummy, healthy breakfast suggestion? Why don’t you write a comment and/or even leave a link to a recipe you suggest we try!

Happy Brekkie!

Miss B. :)

P.S. Click here for some help with variety in breakfast! There’s some really cool recipes waiting for you to test them out!

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Aug 22 2010

Class Schedule

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Aug 22 2010

Pendulum Pandemonium

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Have you ever heard of a pendulum?  We are studying a unit on variables and we’ve started by investigating pendulums aka “swingers”.  We’ve learned about what variables may affect a pendulum’s number of swings in 15 seconds. We explored:

1. changing the mass of the pendulum bob (we used Thai baht coins)

2. changing the release position

3. changing the length of the string

What variable do you think would affect the number of swings in 15 seconds??

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Aug 22 2010

Think Before You Post!

Ms. Hellyer came into our classroom last Thursday and spoke to us about the privelege we have as students at ISB to have our very own blogs! For some of us, this is brand new, and for others, it is a continuation of learning you did last year.  We learned about the importance of being safe online and heard the message “Think Before You Post”.  We watched the video of the same name and shared in some good discussion about posting online. Take a look.


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Aug 19 2010

Welcome Back!!

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Hello Grade 5s!

I’d like to welcome you to a new grade! I’m so happy to be your teacher and I know we’ll have a snazzy year!


Miss B.

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