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Sep 21 2009

Top 10 Tips for Staying Safe Online

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Tips for Staying Safe Online:

1.  Before you publish a post, re-read and check for appropriateness and politeness.
2.  Ask your parents or an adult to check your work over before you publish
3.  Be true to who you are-don’t pretend to be someone else.
4.  When posting a picture, be sure it’s one that you don’t mind being “out there”, or don’t post one at all.
5.  Don’t post personal information such as last names, addresses, email, phone number, etc.
6.  Be cautious of chat rooms and people who may contact you.
7.  If your parents were sitting next to you, what would they say before you posted something?
8.  Protect your passwords and change them every so often.
9. Be kind to everyone.
10.  Only post things you would say or do to a person’s face.

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Sep 08 2009

5 Steps to a Published Post

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5 Steps to a Published Post:

1. Write your title in the title bar – use capitals where appropriate.

2. Write and format your text in the post box.

3.  Decide if you want to use a picture

4. Check off a category that fits your post. If you need to add a new category, do so.

5. Click Publish or Save Draft if you are still working on it.

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Sep 08 2009

Characteristics of a Good Blog Post Comment

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How do you make a really good juicy comment? This list will remind us what makes a comment worth leaving behind.

Let us know if you think we should add any more by commenting on this post.

Characteristics of a good blog post comment:

1.  Be constructive, but not hurtful
2.  Think about the author and their purpose for their post before leaving a comment
3.  Comments are always related to the content of the post
4.  You can make personal connections to what the author wrote
5.  Answer a question, or add meaningful information to the content topic
6.  It follows the writing process – it’s like a mini piece of writing.
7.  Use a comment sandwich: start with a positive, add  constructive feedback, then finish with a positive.
8.  Make your comment sandwich thick and tasty! Lots of meaningful, meaty thoughts that relate directly the content of the post to keep the blogger satisfied!

9.  Always remember to include your own blog address in the comment so others can visit your blog, too!

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Sep 07 2009

Gaining Access to Student Online Handbook–Math

Every student in Room 230 has access to the Math Student Handbook online.  This fantastic resource can help you to understand strategies, concepts, and tasks learned in class and it can help you if you get stuck while doing your math homework.

Are you stuck?   Need some help?  Go to the Math Investigations Website and log in.


Once you’ve logged in you’ll have access to the Student Handbook and LogoPaths & Shapes!

access handbook

Once you’ve clicked on Investigations OSE G5 – you’ll see a pop-up screen like this:

security warning

Just click on Continue.  The following screen will appear.

task sheets

Click on the unit – (we’re working on Number Puzzles & Multiple Towers now – that comes under Number & Operations).  Scroll down to find the page numbers that are at the top of your homework sheet.  Click on that file and a PDF will download for you. (You may be prompted to save the PDF before it will download, or your computer settings may allow you to automatically download PDF files).  You will need a PDF viewer to be able to open these files.  You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for FREE here.

Student Math Handbook

These files are full of examples and explanations to help you understand whatever we covered in class.  Hopefully you won’t be stuck anymore!  If you are though, PLEASE ask Ms B. for help in the morning.

Enjoy the Math Investigations Online resource!

*Thanks to Ms.Hellyer for helping comprise this post!

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