Oct 21 2011

Blog Address Has Changed

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Hi Visitors,

Miss B. has moved countries and is no longer living in Thailand, but rather CANADA! Yes, that’s right…the Great White

North! I am teaching Grade 6 there and my students and I have started a new blog. We’d love it if you would add us to your

blogroll and make comments on our site!

We hope you visit us soon!

Miss B.

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Aug 15 2011

Happy First Day Back at ISB!

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It’s a difficult day for me as I think of all of you amazing students heading back to ISB today. I watched the clock tick to 7:25am your time

and was thinking of all of you in your new outfits…some with smiles on your faces…some maybe not!  It feels strange to not be welcoming

another class into Room 230 in the Gr.5 quad. I so wish I could walk down the Middle School hallways and get a chance to see some

of you. I wish you all the best this new school year. My school year in London, Ontario begins Sept.6th, so I’ve got a bit of time to paint

my  new house and head to the beach (Lake Huron!) a few more times. Do you guys remember all the names of the Great Lakes in

Canada?  (hint: H.O.M.E.S.)

Take care of yourselves…and don’t forget to read, read, read…and dance, dance, dance!

Miss B.


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May 26 2011

Google Earth

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Dear Gr.5s,

Today we will be looking at Google Earth in conjunction with our Landforms unit. Please click on this link

that Ms. Hellyer has provided us to give us a head start on using the program.


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May 19 2011

Stream Tables–Our Own Investigations!

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In Science, we’ve been learning about Landforms. I’ve been learning all sorts of new words such as erosion, deposition and canyon. Today in Science class we were able to design our own stream table investigation. We’ve been learning about how water carves away the earth materials, such as in the Grand Canyon. So far, we’ve done experiments with stream tables dealing with flood situations, slope and of course a standard (flat surface, no change to the original set up).

Our group decided to test what would happen when we added a mountain infront of the water source. (See the picture below of what our set up looked like).  I predicted that_______________.

What ended up happening was that__________________________

It was quite interesting to get a chance to see what everyone else’s stream tables results looked like. I was most surprised by _____________ because _______________. If I was to do it all over again, next time I might choose to investigate ________________.

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May 11 2011

Science Is So Dramatic!

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We’ve been learning about Landforms in our Science class and have been learning a lot of new Science vocabulary. It’s not always easy to remember,

so we decided to have a little fun and act out some of the vocabulary words. Here is what we captured…

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Mar 25 2011

One Hour. 60 Minutes. Do it.

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Earth Hour. It’s right around the corner…

Sat. March 26th at 8:30pm local time.

Flick those lights off, get off those computers, turn off those TVs…and make a difference!

It starts with YOU!


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Mar 24 2011

Author Keith Baker Visits!

We were very lucky and honored to have author Keith Baker visit the Elementary school this year! You may know him the most from his Mr. & Mrs. Green series (4 books).

He started off his hour with us by explaining how he was really an illustrator first before an author. He loved all aspects of art and went to college to study it. He showed us some of his ‘old’ drawings from when he was younger. Boy, is he talented! He drew 9 blank faces on a piece of chart paper and quickly explained how he gives emotion to his characters–he showed us happy, sad, angry, mad, laughing, thinking, and more! Check out the photos below to see what I mean!

He did an oral retelling of The Magic Fan, and how the idea for the book came to be. I’ve included the youtube video below of this. Mr. Baker explained to us that a lot of thought goes into his character. For instance, in his book Who Is the Beast? it took him several tries to get just the right drawing of what he wanted the lion to look like. He looks at photographs to help him draw.

He also told us some secrets about how he likes to hide animals in each of his pictures. Look carefully the next time you pick up a Keith Baker book!

He told us he’s really into sketching penguins at the moment and will probably create a penguin character for a future book.

Overall, a fantastic visit! We wonder who will our next author visit be?


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Mar 23 2011

Passing on the Gift of Education

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Our Gr.5 students are beginning to prepare for our annual BookSale that spans across two days at the end of April. Books have begun to find their way into the donation boxes in front of the 3 school offices (Elementary, Middle and High School).

The Grade 5 students at I.S.B. have been supporting the education of poor children in Bangkok for several years now. We feel very privileged to come to school each day with our backpacks full of colorful markers, notebooks, and work we are proud of. It is our turn to give back to the community by helping other children to experience the gift of education that we sometimes take for granted.

The money raised from the booksale goes to sponsoring as many children as we can by sending them to school. It costs 8000 baht to send 1 child to school for 1 year! That’s only $275.00 (U.S.). Last year we were able to send 20 children to school for a year. What an amazing job!

Mercy Centre is the organization that directs this money in the right way. Their mission statement says,

We work to help the children and communities of the many slums of Bangkok. Together with our neighbors in the slums we create simple-but-progressive solutions that touch the lives of thousands of the poor every day. We build and operate schools, improve family health and welfare, protect street children’s rights, combat the AIDS crisis, respond to daily emergencies, and offer shelter to orphans, to street children, and to children and adults with AIDS – always together, hand in hand and heart to heart with the people we serve.

Please visit their website that will explain all of the services and opportunities they provide, beyond just education.

Here is a PhotoPeach project made by Adam, Jonah and Max, advertising the need for used books!

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Mar 15 2011

Social Issues Rap!

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As our Social Issues unit has ended, the students in Room 230 got creative and wrote and performed their very own musical raps! Some even wrote songs! Click on each group below to hear their group projects on a social issue of their choice. Can you tell what social issue they are rapping/singing about?







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Mar 02 2011

Poets a Plenty

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We have wrapped up our poetry unit with the students each responsible for completing a poetry anthology. Check out the individual student blogs for a few of their specially selected poems they’d like to share with you!

As one of our strategies for gathering ideas for poetry writing, we went outside, found a spot to sit or walk quietly around and wrote down anything that popped into our minds.  Some of us sat under trees, while others sat on bleachers and just let the sights and sounds speak for themselves and inspire.

We took our ideas and each of us turned them into a poem. Next, our poems were used to create a piece of art inspired by our poem. We used techniques from Barbara Reid, a well-known Canadian author/illustrator who uses plasticine (modeling clay) to create her illustrations! I’ve included a link to her website which has videos showing you exactly how she works her magic! Click here to visit now.

Check out the photos below of our finished plasticine artwork and us at work!

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