Your Ultimate TV Guide for The Summer

As Summer approaches, it is time to hunker down and relax with some TV. There are many shows to watch over the summer that are old, being renewed, or even canceled, so here is a list of must watches over the summer:

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Sherlock – The story of Sherlock Holmes is told 90 minutes long long episodes (3 per season) as he solves crimes along with her partner and best friend John Watson. Together they faces some of the most thought provoking mysteries known to man. This show is suspenseful, dramatic, and is regarded as one of the best mystery TV shows in the world.

How to Get Away with Murder – A group of young students attend Law School and end up committing a serious crime. Their crime professor teaches them how to get away with murder by law and the students take this to heart.

Broadchurch – A young boy is found dead on an isolated city in the U.K, and two detectives investigate the murder and face many problems with politics and family along the way. This gripping TV show is so binge-able with only 8 episodes.

Jessica Jones – Jessica Jones is a TV show based on Marvel’s comic about a woman who has incredible strength. She starts over in her new house in New York and opens her own private investigating firm. Eventually her past finds her again and she has to face her biggest fear. This TV show will leave you wanting more with each cliffhanging ending per episode.

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House of Cardsan American political drama set in present-day Washington, D.C., House of Cards is the story of Frank Underwood, a Democrat from South Carolina’s 5th congressional district who uses his smooth manner and cunning manipulations to rise toward the top echelons of American political power.

Full of political manipulation, back-room deal making, people who lie and deceive while smiling for the news networks, House of Cards presents a realistic view at what may really happen behind the closed doors of American politics. And it is NOT a pretty picture. (Duffy)

Game of ThronesThis young adult show is a story about multiple kingdoms playing “the game of thrones” in which they are fighting for the throne. Game of Thrones is also extremely well known for its drama and characters that are often killed off. Enjoy 6 seasons of this drama filled tv show filled with romance and suspense.

Breaking BadBreaking Bad is regarded as one of the greatest TV shows in the world. The main character is Walter White, an overqualified chemistry teacher. When Walter contracts stage 3A Lung cancer, he is desperate for money, and starts manufacturing drugs, taking him to the dark corners of the world.

Orange is the New Black – Piper Kerman was put in jail for a crime she committed 10 years ago. The show follows the true story of her life in the jail and the problems she ran into. This drama will show what life in a prison is truly like.

Outlander – Claire Randall, a nurse after the end of World War II, took a vacation with her husband to Scotland. She visits an ancient stone formation by herself and touches the stone. When doing so she is transported 200 years back in time.

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Doctor Who – This suspenseful TV show tells the story of the last time lord in the universe. He travels the galaxy with his assistant and saves countless alien and people’s lives by preventing invasions of other planets. Not only is this show an amazing sci-fi show but it also has romance, comedy and a lot of intense mystery. Doctor Who is known as one of the most famous sci-fi tv shows, and it is for a reason.

Supernatural – Two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, were brought up saving people, and hunting demons. Throughout all 12 season (yes that’s a lot) the brothers run into problems with angels, demons, and the end of the world. Not only do the two brothers go through a lot together, they also experience romance and a lot of mystery.

Firefly – Mal Reynolds was a former Sergeant who was fighting for independence, but the independence was lost to the Alliance. Mal bought his own ship and traveled the galaxy with his crew as they were forced to do illegal jobs to make a living. This show is a western theme space sci-fi television series. It’s funny, strange, and incredible. Firefly combines action, romance, comedy and fantasy in perfect proportions for all views to enjoy.

The 100 – In this series, Earth went through a nuclear war and became uninhabitable, and the only survivors are on a spaceship called ‘The Ark.’ Its life support systems are revealed to be failing, so they send 100 teenage prisoners down to Earth in a last-ditch attempt to see if Earth is habitable again. What follows is a journey of self-discovery, drama, and plot twists. Watch The 100 for four seasons of nail-biting conflict and adventures befitting the Sci-Fi genre.

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Parks and Recreation – Leslie Knope is a on the rise government worker in the Parks and Recreation Section of her town. She is trying to do all she can to turn her stereotypical American town into a lovely, welcoming one. In this process she tries to build a single park in the town and is shut down repeatedly by the townspeople’s conservative ways. This show is laugh out loud funny with characters you will fall in love with, watch Parks and Rec for 7 hilarious seasons.

Brooklyn Nine Nine – This show follows the 99th police precinct in Brooklyn as the group comedically solves crimes. They face many serious problems, but add a comedic turn which will you leave laughing your butt off. Each character has their own unique humour that will make anyone love them.

Jane the Virgin – Jane Villanueva was told from a young age to wait for marriage to loose her virginity. One day at her OBGYN checkup her gynaecologist accidentally artificially inseminates her with a stranger’s sperm. She tells her boyfriend detective and all goes downhill from there. This show is a dramatic yet hilarious, with romance, suspicious behaviour, and mystery. Jane the Virgin is a great combination of all of the best genres there are.

Psych – The son of a cop, Shawn Spencer,  grows up realising he has a special observation skill more so than anyone in the world. He creates a psych firm and convinces people he is indeed a psychic when he is not. He encounters many mysteries with his friend Gus and solves then with ease due to his skill. His comedic attitude makes the show one of the best comedy shows there are.

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