ISB’s IASAS Performance

As the school year comes to an end, the IASAS total medal count from this year has been calculated and ranked by school.

In the first season of IASAS, ISB was not a host, however sent teams to compete in soccer, cross country and volleyball.

In the second semester ISB hosted tennis, and sent teams out to other schools for basketball, touch rugby, rugby and swimming.

And finally in the third semester of IASAS, ISB competed in badminton, golf, baseball, for the first time ever fast pitch, and hosted track and field.

Emily Doss (10) says “This year for ISB has been very successful, as an IASAS athlete I’m so proud of all our teams that competed and proud of ISB as a whole for coming second in the medal count. This was my last ever IASAS since I am moving back to the States. IASAS was such an amazing experience and I will miss it so much”

Another IASAS athlete, Pam Temcharoen (10) added “This year has been a good year for IASAS. ISB has come second in the total medal count and also competed in their first fast pitch tournament.”

This year ISB’s hard work has payed off as we are now ranked second with a total of thirteen IASAS medals, only three behind Singapore American School.

Here is the table from the total IASAS medal count.

Screen Shot 2560-05-25 at 08.16.36

Congratulations to all ISB and IASAS athletes. Good luck to next year when ISB will host soccer in October and basketball in January.

Georgia Blurton

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