The Madden Curse… is it Real?

Madden 18, the most popular American football video game has officially chosen who will be on the cover. Over the years, player who have been chosen to be the cover of Madden have been known to be cursed.

Being chosen to be put on the most popular NFL video game seems like another marketing tool for NFL players in and out of the league, but what some do not know is that the player chosen to be on the cover of this game has historically been cursed. This curse can come in the form of a season ending injury or nose-diving from the top team to the worst contender in the league. 

gronk in article injuryLast year, Rob Gronkowski a superstar tight end for the New England Patriots was placed on the cover for Madden 17. The same season that he was placed on the cover, he suffered a ruptured disk in his back, forcing him to sit out most of the regular season after his injury. His team still found a way to come back and win the championship, but the Madden Curse acted upon him with the injury.

This year, yet another Patriots player is on the cover…  Tom Brady. He is known as the Patriots best player. By being on this cover, fans of the Patriots from all around the globe are worried about the future ahead. Tom Brady himself says that he is not worried about the curse through a viral comedy video.

In this video, he can be seen breaking glass, and walking under a ladder to show that there are no such things as curses. Overall, superstitious people around the globe believe that Tom Brady and the Patriots will end this season in last place after a devastating injury.

Around the ISB community, 3 students were asked how they feel about the Madden curse and the fate of Tom Brady. T.J. Wilson (11) and George Condra (9) are two of the three whom believe that Tom Brady and the Patriots will suffer an unfortunate season.T.J. says he believes that Tom Brady may suffer a serious injury, but says there is no way that they make it to the conference finals. George says he feels the Patriots will not even make the playoffs, and will have a year of bad luck and bad fortune.

Kyle Vanelli (9), a lifelong Patriots fan says that he believes the Madden curse is made up, and all of the “curses” that have happened are all coincidences. He says he thinks that even if the Madden curse is real, Tom Brady is good enough to overcome it and win another Super Bowl.

Whether or not this curse is real, we will find out in 3 months when the NFL season finally and officially begins. Will Tom Brady and the Patriots be cursed, or will they overcome it and add  another Super Bowl win to their collection?


Lucas Wilson

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