It Isn’t Much of a Team, It’s More of a Family-IASAS Track and Field 2017

On Wednesday the 5th of April 2017 TAS, ISM, SAS, ISKL and JIS all travelled to ISB for the annual IASAS Track and Field meet. Three of this years Track and Field athletes gave us some of their input on the event.

Kate McArthur (9), William Condra (10) and Patrick Rivera (12) all experienced the great events and adventures of this IASAS and they will hopefully look forward to their next IASAS or sports events to come.

Many things happened during this years IASAS, records were broken, injuries were inflicted and hearts were full of joy but what do our athletes think was the best thing that happened this IASAS. Kate McArthur told Panther Nation that, “my favorite part of track this year was bonding with the distance team and making lots of really great friends.”

Will Condra then added to this statement by saying, “probably having the ability to make friends with people you might not meet in other sports, since Track and Field brings in people with different abilities and interests.”

Patrick Rivera then summarized the entire IASAS experience by saying, “with so many great memories this year, it is hard to say what my favorite part is. But overall, other than IASAS, BISAC, and all the other events, my favourite part of track this year was the team,” he said.

“The team this year was a very enjoyable team, with every member of the team out to support you in every event, and knowing that you have a team to count on. It is not much a team, it is more of a Family.”

These 3 athletes competed in many different events over the course of the three days but they told us what events they gave their absolute best in as well as their favourites from this season. “The 3k was [the] event [that] I gave my absolute best in. I really wanted to PB and I was able to do that,”  Kate McArthur told us.

Screen Shot 2560-05-17 at 13.09.46“The 3k is my favorite event to compete in because I like that [there is] a lot of time to improve throughout the race and when It’s over it feels very rewarding.” She added as she recalled the emotions from her first IASAS.

The 4×800 relay for sure. We were going for the IASAS record and for the gold medal, and I was told that I had to run the fastest 800 I had ever ran in my life, so I gave my all. I blew my time by 2 seconds, but our team came silver.” Said Will Condra about his hard earned achievement. He then added that his favourite events were, “Either the 3000 or the Javelin.”

Definitely the 4×100 relay. Our 4×100 relay team was composed of two other seniors who I’ve shared the past three years running this race with. Andrew Thornton and Haruki Tanaka.” Patrick Riviera told us. “Every year we’d always come short to a medal in this event, but this year as seniors, I feel we gave our absolute all to push ourselves and finally get a medal. With a minor back injury I pushed through and so did my team, granting ourselves our first medal (silver) for this event.”

My favorite event has to be the 4×400 relay. This race is my favorite because it’s always the most entertaining to watch, in my opinion at least. It’s usually the last event to take place in IASAS and when the points are close, it almost always comes down to the 4×400 to finalize the points.” Patrick Rivera told Panther Nation.

“Being the last event in IASAS it’s always the most watched, but what is great about this race is that it’s not just you, it’s the whole relay team, and it’s great to know your teammates got your back. Although the race is exhausting, it’s always entertaining to compete in one of the most competitive and exhilarating events.”

When asked which track and field athlete she would like to recognize, Kate McArthur replied with, “ I would like to recognize Emily Doss because she always gave everything in each race and always pushed and encouraged me.

Will Condra said he would like to recognize, “Timo Fukar from JIS, because of his incredible race in the 1500. He went from 7th place to 2nd in the last lap and it was incredible.”

And Patrick Rivera answered, “Nico Phocas. This man is just truly legendary. A true representation of an outstanding athlete. Out of the 161 points the boys team scored overall this year in IASAS, I believe Nico scored about 50+ of the points.”

“He may specialize in hurdles, but Nico and pull of almost every event, (except throwing) This man can run, sprint, and jump. Nico inspired me this season to push myself and aspire to do better. Also, Nico is only a Junior this year.” He added.Screen Shot 2560-05-17 at 13.16.47

One of this years Track and Field coaches, Mr. Bell spoke on the behalf of this years coaches, “It was 31 years ago that the Boys at ISB managed to earn the Gold.  It took every boy performing at his very best.” He stated. “While we definitely had standouts like Andrew Thornton and Nico Phocas, it took a team to win.  We are very proud of all our members.”

Congratulations to the amazing athletes that competed in all IASAS’ this season and good luck to the aspiring athletes who are looking forward to competing in the future. If you are not a person who tries out for sport, please come and support the Panthers in the future!


Megan Black


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