The Aftermath


Varsity badminton player Lulu Schmitt (10) thinks, “IASAS blues is missing everyone at IASAS. One of the best things about IASAS is meeting new people from different schools but after IASAS it is really sad having to leave.”

Screen Shot 2560-05-11 at 09.03.20Pam Tancharoen (10), who competes in IASAS softball say’s “Iasas blue is like when you come back from an amazing GCW trip. It sucks to come back knowing you are not going to see your teammates every day for practices anymore, especially the seniors. I kind of feel like I am longing to go back to Singapore and play more softball with my family (team). I really miss it, I miss seeing our hard work and determination pay off. Plus I love the environment and traveling to new place, and I dislike school a lot.”

What will will theses athletes miss most about IASAS? What was that moment that makes IASAS so easy to love?

“Cheering for ISB, all the friends I have made (from other schools), hanging out with my team and Singapore American school’s food stalls and Boost smoothies, so everything basically.”

“My favorite moment was cheering on the guys during the semis because it really showed how close our team was and that we were ready to support each other.”

It is understandable that an event our athletes have practiced and prepared for all season for will be missed. Whether it is breaking an IASAS record or scoring just one point, IASAS is such an amazing and unique experience and is the last and final step of the year after all the training and hard work.


Georgia Blurton

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