Which Game of Thrones Character will die next?

Game of Thrones has a LOT of characters. That’s been true right from the beginning, when new fans struggled to remember the names of people who came to be known briefly by monikers. Not long into Season 1, these characters started to die off, beginning a stark death march that continued for six years. The cast has thinned out considerably since then. Even now, going into Season 7, Game of Thrones has a LOT of characters. Obviously, not all of them will live to see Season 8… the show has made a habit of killing off some of the characters we love like Robb and Lady Catelyn Stark, as well as some of the ones we hate like King Joffrey and Ramsey Snow. But which ones will be the one to go this season? We can’t know for sure, but we can make educated guesses, and give odds on who’s likely to go. So… here are our predictions as to how likely these Game of Thrones characters are to be victims during Season 7.

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Our first guess is Robin Arryn. He may be  in an interesting position, as the rightful heir to the Vale, he’s a very important character in the game of thrones. The Vale is one of the few remaining areas of Westeros still untouched by the War of the Five Kings. It’s rich in resources and rich in soldiers, and whomever controls has much to gain… and lose!  Robyn has come off as more of a Mommy’s boy so far, and as sad as it my be to say, that doesn’t get you very far in the harsh world of Westeros.


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Our next guess is our favorite foul mouthed mercenary, Bronn.  He has survived far longer than anyone could have guessed since the series began. Still, Bronn remains one of the harder picks to make. On the one hand, he’s hanging around the Lannisters. That’s never good for your safety. Despite his humbleness, Bronn has demonstrated time and again that he’s one of the most savage players in the game.  But we think, maybe his luck has run out!


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Our final guess is, after sitting out Season 5, Sandor Clegane, who returned from the edge of death in Season 6.  Many people think he WILL die in Season 7.  I say he WON’T! In season 6, he popped up at a habitat for humanity retreat where he tried to help out and fit in as best he could.  Sadly, the Hound’s little paradise did not last as the kindly people we’re slaughtered by roving bandits. Even though we expect the bodies to pile up in the coming war, we don’t think the Hound will be among them, at least not yet. The show already brought him back after leaving him for dead.

All is all, if the past 6 seasons are any indication, we can be sure Season 7 will throw us some surprises.




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