Panther Trails – Seo Young Lee

In an ongoing feature at PantherNation, we will be checking in every few weeks with recent alumni as they offer their advice and reactions to University life.

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Name: Seo Young Lee

ISB Class of: 2015

College: Seoul National University

Years in College: 2






  1.  What career path are you pursuing?

I don’t have a solid idea of what I wish to pursue in the future, I’m currently leaning towards business administration and international relations. I’d like to explore as many fields of study as possible before declaring my major next year. 

  1.  How would you describe the transition from ISB to your new College?

It was a lot easier and smoother than I had expected. I feared that I would not be able to fit in well – having lived in Thailand for more than half of my life – but I got used to my new environment extremely quickly. One thing, however, that I still have difficulty adjusting to is living by a healthy life routine. Since there is so much freedom in college, if you don’t set a regular sleeping and eating schedule, your health can easily deteriorate. Living alone, I often skip meals and rarely eat homemade food. 

3. Do you feel ISB prepared you well for your College experience (both academically and socially)?

ISB prepared me well for some areas of college academics. Couple hundred pages of reading assignments don’t feel so arduous because I’ve gotten used to doing them through IB history. Juggling with academics, clubs, and social life all at once doesn’t feel too difficult either, since it’s what I did for all four years of High School. Socially speaking, the outgoing personality that I adopted while attending ISB proved to be a great asset at the beginning of my first year, when I met lots of new people. 

  1. What advice would you give to this year’s Seniors as they follow in your footsteps next year?
  • Eat lots and lots of Thai food while you can. There is no other place where you can find CHEAP DELICIOUS Thai food. Not only is Thai food outside Thailand inauthentic, but it is super pricey as well. 
  • Spend more time with your closest friends. What I’ve learned coming to college is that it is awfully difficult to keep in touch with high school friends; you lose contact with most of them. That is, with exception to your closest friends. I thus recommend that you narrow down your social circle and spend more quality time with those that actually matter. 
  1. Spend more time with your family. It’s been almost a year since graduating, yet I am still not used to being miles away from my parents. I wish I had spent more time with my family and appreciated my mother’s homemade food while I could.
  2. Any other thoughts to share?

I cannot imagine how different of a person I would be today if I hadn’t spent my middle and high school years at ISB. I dearly miss the ISB campus, the Thai staff members, and all the teachers who have taught me. Funny enough, I also miss the sweltering Thai weather that I used to detest; it’s getting unbearably cold here in Seoul, and I am counting down the days until winter holiday (when I can fly back to my refuge – Bangkok).

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