A Spotlight on the Lights & Sound Club!

ISB has many amazing performances throughout the year, all of which rely on the extraordinary skills of our very own Lights and Sound club. Although the club is sometimes overlooked by people, it does not stop them from continuing to put in their best efforts to make ISB events great.

Emmy Khawsam-ang (12), president of the club, explains that “the Lights & Sound Club is the backbone of most events at ISB. The club does lighting, audio, and backstage work (including set design) for Artists on the Roof, school dances, assemblies, and more. In order to operate the equipment in the theater, we need to be trained by our theater staff, led by Khun Sathit, during free periods or after school.

Members of this club work extremely hard to ensure every single event at ISB that includes lights and sounds are executed to a success. Emmy says, “we have to balance our schoolwork and other extracurriculars with four or five hours in theater.” She also adds that “some aspects of tech use, and a lot of artistic creativity. In lighting design, one has to get to know the art show being performed. Each cue has to be designed in a way that matches the mood of the scene.”  

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In terms of progress of the club, the size of the club and quality of equipment are advancing every year. This year, they bought a new state-of-the-art lighting board, one which is often used in professional shows. Thus, this required club members to retrain themselves at becoming experts at using the new lighting board.

The most recent demonstration of the Lights & Sound Club’s impressive skills were at the Addams Family musical. Other events coming up are the ES and MS music concerts, Legs4Legs dance show, and the ASD dance show.

Emmy encourages everyone to join this club because “although it requires a lot of time and effort to learn about the equipment and become skillful at tech, the results are rewarding. You get to know the theater very well and have to be very organized.”  Furthermore, the L&S club “combines the artistic and pragmatic aspects to successfully tech a show.”

Next time when you are at an assembly or performance, be sure to recognize the hard work of these club members that goes to making the event successful! Also, consider joining the club yourself, so that you can be a part of the success too.

Nikki Ling


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