The Music Festival of the Year

Coachella is one of the most popular music events of the year which happened this weekend. It is famous for its music and food but mostly for its fashion. There were a lot of groundbreaking events that happened, including a surprise performance from Lady Gaga.

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Kicking off the second weekend, Lady Gaga came in and substituted for Beyoncé. Her performance involved the debut of her newest song “The Cure”. As coachella attendees expected The Queen of Pop to come, they were pleasantly surprised to have Lady Gaga put on a show. Kendrick Lamar stunned crowds with his new album DAMN. as he started the day with some of his No.1 best selling songs.  Coachella offers everything music wise. In the Yuma tent you can jam out to some House music or in the grass fields, listen to some indie folk bands such as The Avalanche. Not only is there diversity in the music but in the clothing as well.


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This music festival is often known for its fashion as not only a celebration of music but of expressing yourself through clothing. There are often many celebrity appearances from actors, famous instagrammers, and youtubers including The Queen of Coachella, Vanessa Hudgens. Although some of the fashion at Coachella may come across as odd or unique, Coachella is the place to see it all.


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Some of the most iconic coachella looks include Rihanna’s glitter suit and Vanessa Hudgens’ butterfly dress. However, some of the most unique looks include matching flamingo suits and gold peacock hats. Overall, this Coachella will go down in history as a very memorable year of celebrating music culture and fashion.



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