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The worst feeling in the world is being deprived of a voice. For decades everyone has fought for a chance to voice their opinion. But for Anastasia Lin, speaking out for the people who cannot, results in negative consequences.

Anastasia Lin is a Canadian-Chinese actress, model, Miss Canada World title winner of 2015 and a human rights activist. She recently starred in the movie “The Bleeding Edge” as the main human organ harvesting victim.

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“The Bleeding Edge” is a movie directed by Leon Lee, starring Anastasia Lin and Jay Clift. It follows the story of a western entrepreneur in China trying to save a woman from being a victim to the forced organ harvesting industry, where his own transplanted heart originated from. The film was released on April 11th, 2016, winning the 2016 Gabriel Award for best film.

According to the organisation StopOrganHarvesting, human organ harvesting is a dirty process, where victims are kept in a concentration camp before being harvested. Their bodies are then cremated immediately. The officials of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) are working together with surgeons and even military officials in order to continue these acts of mistreatment.

Due to her avocations for human rights, Anastasia Lin has faced many hardships. For a brief time period, her voice was silenced, as they had made it hard for her to reach the media to share her opinions. Her father was also harassed, being threatened to be arrested if Anastasia Lin did not “stop her political and human rights activities,” according to CNN. She was also initially denied the opportunity to see the U.S premiere of the film, although she was later on allowed.

When important authorities do not like what they see, they will do what is needed to get rid of their so-called nuisance. Around the world, human rights activists are being arrested for speaking out. Just go online and search, you will find many articles on the arrests of people fighting for what they believe in. As long as you have a brave heart and a virtuous mind, fight against injustice, for only we can fix our own problems.

Grace Yang

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