Long Talk With Mr. Miller

As this school year is slowly approaching an end, we are all sad to say goodbye to the teachers that will be leaving, one of whom is the beloved English teacher, Mr. Miller. He is described by many students as kind, caring, and funny. Here, he answers some questions about his time at ISB.

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My favorite part of being a teacher at ISB is the relationships formed, both with students and colleagues. The students at ISB are amazing, and when I go out into the hallway, students that I have not even had the opportunity to work with smile and say “hi”.

For the students who go on GCW trips or spend time with me in class, that bond is even stronger. And for the colleagues, not only are they some of the most professional people I have worked with, but no matter where I go, I know that I have established some lifelong friendships in my time here.

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As my release was a bit of a surprise, I opted to spend the winter holidays with family and friends rather than recruiting. Anyone who knows me well, knows that my life often revolves around my daughter, Angela. While I would love to continue teaching overseas, it has to be the right fit for us, and if not, we may head back to the U.S. to spend a year with family and friends again.

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Too many to choose from…but similar to students, the GCW trips have a warm spot in my heart. And it always comes back to the people that make up the ISB family.

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I would like to be remembered as I taught in class, with a passion for life, and connecting with students. We do not teach books and literature, but what it means to be human. The real life connections that are found and lessons shared are important. I hope that someday students will look back at these and realize their importance. And all this done with a sense of humor…do not forget to laugh.

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I always took pride in the work the students did in the Yearbook and Journalism classes. We had the time and funding as a class to create a real world activity and produce some innovative and amazing publications that students still look back on. The hours were long, but the end results captured memories that will last long after I am gone.

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I think this is where I drop the microphone and say “peace out.”

We are so thankful to Mr. Miller for making our ISB community a better place. He will be greatly missed by all, and we wish him all the best in the future!

Nikki Ling


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