The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly

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The world has now experienced over two months of a Trump presidency, and, boy, has it been a wild 60 days. Even if you are looking at it objectively and without partisan lenses, Donald Trump and his staff have been busy at… a lot of things. His actions since January 20th, however minuscule they may be, are constantly scrutinised by people all over the world, and I am no exception. In my humble opinion, here are the best and worst things that President Trump has done so far.

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He is shaking up Washington D.C. True to his promise of being an outsider, Donald Trump’s demeanour both personally and politically certainly deviate from the norm. Many of Donald Trump’s policies cross party lines, especially with his views on the economy (surprising, right?).

For example, his belief that U.S. trade deals hurt American workers strongly resonates with none other than Bernie Sanders himself. His “fair trade, not free trade” rhetoric has been voiced before by Democrats in the past.

Another important issue that Trump disagrees with Republicans on is health care. This is especially surprising considering he is a major critic of Obamacare, a health care system loved (or at least tolerated) by Democrats and loathed by Republicans. Trump still believes in a health care system run by Washington, a stance foreign to the GOP elite on Capitol Hill.

Trump’s myriad of political opinions that reach across partisan lines may serve to unite Democrats and Republicans on at least some issues. However, he is not really known for being a man of compromise, so we will just have to see.

Whatever happens from now, there is no denial that Washington D.C. is officially shook, as the government crosses into uncertain territory led by an unorthodox leader.

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Here we go. Although it truthfully was much more easy for me to think of something in this category, there is one thing that Trump and his staff are now notoriously known for: his war on the media.

Major news outlets such as CNN and NBC have been barraged with criticism from the White house lately. Trump’s favourite insult of “fake news”, seemingly used to describe any media outlets that criticise him, has gained a personality of its own, becoming the slogan of his war on the media.

Trump’s strategy of discrediting the media by painting them with a wide brush of being “fake news” is both reprehensible and hypocritical, as his staff have uttered statements that are blatant lies. I think that he uses this tactic in order to make people doubt the media. An average American who might not be informed about a given subject will ignore news outlets and instead turn to Trump and his “reporting.”

This might not be too bad, but I do not think that his tweets really constitutes as “reporting.” No, really, go look at his twitter account and see for yourself. The mix of caps-locks and insults slewn all over his page and tweets really does not make for a transparent and unbiased reporting experience.

The Trump Administration’s scare tactics are pointless and dare I say dangerous. Unbiased reporting is almost impossible, as either side can spin it one way or the other. When people turn to an unreliable source (@realDonaldTrump) for news, they may get their facts wrong, and nothing is more dangerous than misinformation in an age where you can say something to the entire world in a second.

Poon Singhatiraj

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    This is a well written and fair article Poon! Thanks for sharing!

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