Our New Panthers!

Do you remember your first day at ISB? Maybe you have been here since kindergarten or just moved here last year. Nonetheless, it is inevitable to feel nervous, scared, and wonder if you will fit into this new school.

In the new semester and year, we have welcomed numerous new faces to our high school. There are so many people attending this year, it is hard to get to know every single student. However, it is important to welcome our new panthers.

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Joshua Wright (9) is one of our new panthers. He is interested in joining The Green Panthers and Habitat for Humanity. His main hobbies include drawing Zentangle, collecting coins, and he also has a passion for the environment. Furthermore, Joshua adds that “so far, ISB seems welcoming and accommodating, and the transition has been fairly good.”

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Sydney Segura (10), another new student, says, “I am excited to participate in some of the direct service clubs, such as Habitat for Humanity and Helping Paws. I am really excited to start getting involved in the sports programs.” For her, the transition has been “chaotic and information loaded, but in a good way.” She further explains, “it will take me awhile to get my head around all this, but I should be able to soon.”

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In terms of transitioning to a new school, Anh Thuc Truong (10) has some great comments about ISB. She states, “the facility is wonderful, people are so friendly and lovable and the teachers are very enthusiastic.” She expresses, “with the help of my wonderful ambassador, the teachers and people in class, I would say my transition is smooth.”

These are only a few of the numerous new panthers. So, if you see any unfamiliar faces around, do not forget to say hi and offer help to anyone who needs it!

Nikki Ling

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