Tracking the Heat

ISB has three Track and Field teams: Varsity, Junior varsity and the Under 15 team. This past weekend, ISB hosted one of the biggest spirit nights that combined black and gold spirit with the Bangkok wide BISAC tournament. The ISB Varsity team had a very successful spirit night with several gold medals, including Nicolai Phocas’s (11) record breaking 400-metres hurdle run.

However, it is no secret that our Track and Field team has it harder than any of the other sports at ISB. Not only do our Track and Field athletes have long intense practice sessions but they practice during the season that has to bear the unbearable. Third season is the hottest of them all with the temperature going up to as high as 42 degrees celsius. The steaming heat on the track can rack up a real problem for our panthers.

As Track and Field is a third season sport, should we be changing the seasons around? Lily Bates (10), one of our Varsity Track athletes says, “it definitely would be a lot easier for Track and Field season to be in a cooler season of the year as we are working outside constantly at our maximum heart rates. Though for Taipei, any other season might be even more difficult as it is snowing during second season in Taipei.” Every year, IASAS is held at a different school for every sport and as Lily said the weather conditions in Taiwan would not be suitable to host IASAS.

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Xanthe Schaub (10), another Track and Field athlete, added “I do think it is way too hot to have Track season as a third season sport since we are running constantly for almost two hours everyday.” Emily Doss (10) feels that the March to May timeframe in Thailand is excruciatingly hot. She added, “So yes, I think it is too hot, and so does everyone else. Ms. O’rourke, our Track and Field coach, always tells us how she thinks that track and field is the hardest sport because we are out in the hottest months of the year giving 100% every day.”

Another concern following the scorching weather is our performance. With IASAS in 10 days and being hosted here at ISB, our panthers need to be at the top of their game. The extremely hot weather poses limitations to our athletes maximizing their potential. Emily commented “heat is a major obstacle in every practice. The amount of sweat you can produce in such a short time amazes me. Also, dehydration is a big problem on the team. If you do not drink water during the day, then you are going to be tired in the first 20 minutes of practice.” Lily also feels that “I do feel affected by the heat it takes a lot of my energy and sometimes makes it really difficult to work up to my maximum abilities.”

Even though our Track and Field athletes have to deal with the difficult circumstances, they are still aiming high and hoping for a successful IASAS.       

Georgia B

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