Three Things You Should Know – March 2017

Many monumental events occurred in the world around this time of year. However, everyone is so busy due to tests or stacks of homework that it is hard to keep track of everything happening in the world. Here are three things you should know to stay knowledgeable about current events today.

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Have you ever wondered if someone was watching you through your electronic devices? This may not be an absurd thought after recent information was exposed by the WikiLeaks publication. According to them, the CIA has developed spy software used in Samsung Smart TVs, which allows them to listen in on conversations and send them to American spies. They claim the program is called “Weeping Angel” and was created with the help of MI6 as well.

Furthermore, they also developed a tool to remotely control iPhones, iPads, and even Android devices. Confusion has arisen, as WikiLeaks claims that almost all of the CIA’s cyber weapons were stolen and are potentially in the hands of criminals. In response, U.S. Representative Ted Lieu of California ordered an immediate investigation into the claims made by WikiLeaks.

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Nike has produced a new athletic product for Muslim women called the ‘Nike Pro Hijab’. It is made with thin fabric with tiny holes to ensure that the material is breathable and easy to use. Furthermore, there is an extended cape at the back to keep it from getting untucked from their shirts. The creation of this product is in response to the many Muslim athletes who complain about having to wear traditional headscarves during competitions. This will be available for sale in the spring of 2018.

The Nike Pro Hijab was designed and tested by Zahra Lari, a figure skater, and Amna Al Haddad, a weightlifter. Amna hopes that this new innovation “will encourage a new generation of athletes to pursue sports professionally.” However, the creation of this new product has also created backlash from many people on social media.

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After a serious corruption scandal, the President of South Korea, Park Geun Hye, was impeached on March 10, 2017. She was identified as a criminal suspect in bribery, extortion, and abuse of power. Prosecutors accused her of collecting money with her long-time friend, Choi Soon-sil, and using it for bribes. As of right now, Hwang Kyo-ahn, the prime minister, has taken on the role as acting president. The date of the new presidential election has been set for May 9th.


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