Take Me Out to The Ball Game!

On March 10th and 11th Boys varsity baseball took part in exchange here on our own Panther turf. It was an amazing weekend of skill and sportsmanship. The ISB Panther team had an amazing few games with some wins and some losses and it was a weekend packed full of great events and great efforts. But now the teams have played each other, they will practice for the rest of the season looking to develop their strengths and improve on their weaknesses.

When asked what the best part of exchange was, Lucas Wilson (9) said, “My favourite part of exchange was bonding with my team and feeling game experience.” Kotaro Sato (12) agreed. “Just being able to see other teams play and play against them. It made us realize our weaknesses and what we have to focus on for the next 3 weeks in preparation for IASAS.”

Lucas spoke about his history and why he enjoys baseball. “I played baseball a couple of years back, and decided why not try baseball again since it is a fun sport. I really enjoy becoming tight with the team and creating that unbreakable bond.”

Kotaro Sato talked to PantherNation about what the team could improve on. “There were only couple clean hits in [all] 4 games in exchange, we definitely have to work on our batting.” This feedback is expected because the first few games of a season are always the worst but this means that they are on an upwards hill towards improving.

He then continued by saying, “In IASAS, the teams that have more skilled batters will clinch the spot in the finals.  Because our team consists of freshmen to veteran senior players, we have to work on our communication as well. The more communication we do as a team, there will be more spirit and higher chance of winning IASAS next month.”

All of the teams did well during exchange but what really matters, the ultimate goal, is IASAS. The teams need to find their strengths to take advantage of and the small weaknesses to improve on in order to make this IASAS, a tournament to remember. Good luck at IASAS boys and do the best you can!

Megan B

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