April Fools’ Prank Ideas

We are all aware that April 1st is the feared holiday that puts everyone on edge. April fools is a day full of pranks and practical jokes. Here is a list of fun pranks you can play on your friends and family.

Prank number one!

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This prank is perfect to play on any family member that enjoys stealing your snacks. Simply buy a pack of Oreos, scrape out the delicious insides, and replace the sweet cream with thick minty toothpaste. The great thing about this prank is that it can be pulled on multiple people!



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Here is another practical joke that will surely make you chuckle. Salted cupcakes. Ah yes, the delicious taste of a not so sweet cupcake will make your tastes buds squeal. Make a cupcake as you normally would but replace the sugar with salt. This prank is perfect to play on your friends at school since they would most likely want to take a bite.  

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This prank will get you sticky, but it is an all time classic. To do the sticky note prank, start off by collecting multiple sticky notes (maybe around 200). Then, decide the location of the prank. Good examples are on a mirror, car, sibling or your parents’ room. Then start covering everything in sticky notes and bam! You have created a piece of artwork that they will have a lot of fun cleaning up.


April fools day is a day full of laughter with plenty of different pranks to participate in. These are a few classic pranks that will never fail to make you laugh. With so many fun and games going on, trying to choose what to do can really be a challenge. Make sure you give these a try and have a fun April Fools day!


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