The Final Stretch: Perks of Being a Senior

With senior year coming to a close and graduation only 86 days away, PantherNation has decided to ask some of our seniors what they would miss most about their last year at ISB. Although senior year will inevitably be very stressful for all students, it also creates memories that we will never forget. Students at ISB have such amazing opportunities to succeed in the future and in our academic life. We are very thankful to have such a beautiful campus and great teachers to guide us to our journey of success.

Having gate passes – These are super nice to have, especially with the new schedule. If you have free before or after lunch, you can potentially leave school at 10:10 and not come back until 1:05.

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It is comfortable – As this is our fourth and final year of high school, most of us know this school inside and out. We know most of the teachers at ISB and are much more comfortable with them than we were freshmen year. Especially for those who are taking IB classes, chances are you will have the same teacher as you had for year 1. Generally, there are not many changes you have to go through for senior year (unless you get a brand new schedule and design your own house system). This last year of comfort is much appreciated before going into university.

You get to graduate (hopefully!) – as much fun as I do like to say high school is, I am not sure I would be able to do another year of it. I am very much so ready to move on, and being a senior means that finish line is just around the corner. – Peyton Emery

The feeling of togetherness and unity – No matter how long you have been at ISB, I feel that as a senior everyone is embracing their last moments here in this part of their life and it just brings everyone together in a new sort of way. It is refreshing and just makes it that much harder to leave 

Understanding-ness – As seniors we have gone through a lot, not just physically but mentally and emotionally haha. With that being said I feel it has shaped us and helped us understand what others are going through. For instance walking through the halls and seeing freshman, sophomores, and juniors we can understand what they are going through and how they are feeling. Which allows us to give better advice, if we are asked of course.

Appreciation – Since this is our last year here everything we do automatically becomes sentimental. I feel a new sort of appreciation towards my friends, family, and even Thailand; since not everyone is going to be able to come back and visit next year. We are all going to different places next year and reality is we all are not going to be together at the same time anymore. So realizing that gives us a special appreciation for the little things. -Vikki Tarrega

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Unity – Throughout all of high school your classmates might have never been close, but when it comes down to senior year everyone starts to become friends with one another. Your friendships grow stronger, insuring that no long distance can ruin your bond. Everyone is embracing each other, no matter how long you have been at ISB, what your background is, whether you were friends before this year or not. Senior year is the year of unity among a grade. 

Power – Having the power to leave school with a gate pass is such a relieving thing during this year. Finally being able to sit at the senior table. Getting called out of the assembly (almost) always first. All of these things makes being a senior just a tad bit more special. All of these privileges, was what I always looked forward to in younger grades and was so grateful that ISB gave us these opportunities.

Final stretch – As amazing high school is, all the fun memories that are made from IASAS, GCW, classes, and overall hanging out with your friends, it must always come to an end. This is the year that all of your hard work comes to show. Where you know that all that work will get you an acceptance to the next chapter of your life. Not saying that you will not miss the incredible memories you made in high school. Nor am I saying that you would not be very sentimental and miss all of your friends, family, and even Thailand itself. Though the excitement of the unknown and being ready to embrace what life has next to offer you, helps make this final stretch the best year yet. – Alyssa Alexander

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 Xanthe Schaub (10)

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