Club of the month: Indian Club

As an international school, we pride ourselves on the diverse cultures intertwined within our school. It is such a privilege to have the opportunity to meet people from, and gain knowledge of a variety of cultures during a regular school day.

There are numerous clubs offered at ISB under the categories of leadership, service, arts, sports, and culture. Due to the freedom of creating any club, it is even easier to showcase different aspects of cultures. That is exactly what the Indian club aims to do.

The Indian club is run by motivated student officers, as well as a dedicated president. Aarushi Singh (10), President, explains that she chose to take the responsibility of leading the Indian club to “represent Indian culture and show the people of ISB what Indian culture is.” She also further states that “as an international school, it is important for there to be clubs to allow us to experience other cultures aside from our own.”

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Shreshta Gupta (10), a member of the Indian club, explained the thoughts she had when she joined the club. “This club is very special because it allows members to express their culture in an international environment.” She also became involved in this club because, being a new student, she realized that this was a great way for her to bond with and meet other students.

The Indian club has exciting events in store for our community. At the International Family Fair, they had games, and showcased a traditional Indian dance that they have been working hard to prepare for. Shreshta adds that the club wants to be more active this year and that they, “have a lot of cool stuff planned for anyone who wants to participate and be a part of it.” 

This club is not exclusive to Indians. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to learn more about the Indian culture or expand your global view, feel free to participate and become a part of the Indian club.

Nikki Ling

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