Choreographing the Controversy

Dance is choreographed movement of the body in rhythms to music. It can be performed alone or in a group of any number. There are hundreds of dance styles that are each performed for different reasons, such as religion, profession, passion and exercise.

Even though dance is extremely active and physical, there are some controversies on whether or not it is categorized as a sport. On one hand, it involves a lot of physical action, but on the other it is a representation of emotion through movement, which is not something that is generally associated with sports.

Here at ISB, we have a lot of passionate dancers, who compete and represent ISB in Dance Exchange and IASAS. ISB’s Varsity Dance team competes in season two IASAS along with Touch Rugby, Rugby, Tennis, Swimming and Basketball.

Even though the Varsity Dance team is apparently recognized as an IASAS sport, it is excluded from ISB’s Black and Gold Assembly and Sports Banquet.

So is dance a sport? Marcelina Lekawska (10) argued,  “Dance is more of an art. It definitely has a physical side, and you do need to be fit, but it is a representation of emotion which is not something done in sports.” However, Nazli Kok (10), ISB’s IASAS dancer, said “Dance is both an art and a sport. Dancers can not only express creativity, emotion and a message through dance, but we can also participate in countless workouts identical to other varsity ‘sports’ in terms of cardio, strength, endurance.”

This raises the question is ‘Is dance recognized as a sport at ISB? Ocion Carter (12) says, “Dance is recognized as a sport at ISB because there are Dance Exchange and IASAS for it.” However, Lekawska says, “Dance is not recognized as a sport since it is not in the Black and Gold assembly or sports banquet.”

So does dance need to be recognized more as a sport or a performing art? Both Marcelina and Ocion replied, “Dance needs to be recognized more as an art rather than a sport at ISB.”

ISB students feel dance is both a sport and a performing art and that ISB categorizes dance in both categories in different ways. So what really makes a sport a sport? Can it be categorized or will the question is dance a sport stay answerless?

Georgia B

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