Three Things You Should Know – February 2017

What with all the global events trending around the world, with the beginning semester work load you may have missed some of it here are three things you should know, to catch up!

In the South Arctic Sea Japan has been conducting whaling operations for “scientific research”. Commercial whaling was banned in 1985. The operations were conducted illegally because in 2014 the International Court of Justice ruled that Japan should cease its arctic whaling programs. Responding to the ruling Japan halted its whaling program for a season but it recently announced its plan to restart a scientific whaling program. Japan claims it is necessary to kill whales in order to determine if the whale population is large enough for commercial whaling, although the Australian Minister of Environment Josh Frydenberg says that that statement is false.

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The group the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society caught a Japanese ship conducting whaling operations in an Australian Whale Sanctuary this allows the National Court of Justice to issue fines or place sanctions on Japan. According to the Sea Shepard Conservation Society upon citing their vessel the crew of the whaling ships attempted to conceal the body of a dead whale.

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A Turkish cargo plane, a Boeing 747, on route to Istanbul crashed at approximately 7:30 on Monday morning killing at least 32 people most of them on the ground, including children. The plane had departed Hong Kong and was heading to Manas to refuel, when the aircraft crashed in Kyrgyzstan causing large fires and destroying 15 buildings in a vacation neighborhood close to Manas airport. Turkish Airlines has posted condolences to the families of the victims on their twitter account. The cause of the crash is undetermined although the area was foggy with poor visibility when emergency medical teams appeared on the scene. In response to the crash the country’s main airport was temporarily closed and Kyrgyzstan Prime Minister Sooronbai Jeenbekov appeared on the scene.

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Eugene Cernan who was the last man to set foot on the moon, has died. He was born in 1934 and served as a military pilot in the US Army before becoming an astronaut. In his courier he was on three voyages to space. In 1972 he flew on the Apollo 17 mission on witch he set foot on the Moon, and he became one of only three people in history to voyage to the Moon more than once.

Joshua Wright

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