Panthers Survive Storm in U15 Rugby – Thursday September 22nd

The climate is ideal as the Panthers welcome the Shrewsbury Storm in an U15 Boys Rugby clash. The two teams are preparing the kickoff for a short seven a-side game (two 7-minutes halves) on ISB’s Field B.

The beginning of the match is dominated by Shrewsbury. The ball is in their hands and they try to put the pressure on the Panthers, dressed all in black. But ISB does not let up and responds perfectly to Shrewsbury’s attacks. The referee whistles the half-time : 0-0 in a very tight game.

The last seven minutes will be decisive. The first team to score will probably win the game.

After a fault from a Shrewsbury player, the Panthers score the first and only try of the match. Players on-field and on the bench jumped for joy, as we felt a great team spirit within this group.


“I’m very satisfied of the players, especially with their improvement and their enjoyment,” said Coach Dunn just after the game.

Surviving this painful game and earning the win will give the team a lot of confidence for the next match. Go Panthers !!

On-field Report by: Talyann Sow

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