Invitational International – Spirit Night

On Friday, September 23rd and Saturday 24th, the International Invitational Soccer and Volleyball Tournament was hosted at ISB. This event was a friendly tournament between several schools of Bangkok and beyond.

On Friday afternoon each team was played their pool games to qualify for the knockout stages on Saturday.  But the main aim of this event for many was to have good time with family or friends. There was an electric vibe at ISB. Delicious food was at your disposal, there were many matches simultaneously so you had choice and it was simply sensory overload. It was a particularly positive mood shared between students and families.

Volleyball teams came to watch the soccer teams and vice versa, while people talked, laughed, and even danced on the music between games. When the night fell the feast went on, and the competition grew hotter after a surprisingly spirited dance performance from Zumba Team Nichada.



It was quite interesting to see a school organising this kind of event. For me, in France for instance, these types of events are uncommon because sport does not have the same place in high schools. Events like Spirit Night obviously reinforce the solidarity between students and community, and it is a source of motivation for their schooling and play.

On Saturday, the event was more focused on volleyball and soccer finals. Our teams made a great tournament. Congratulations to both varsity boys and girls volleyball teams who won the tournament, in part thanks to their great team spirit and the support of the public. Our girls soccer team finished third overall in a tight competition, and our boys soccer team finished fourth after dropping the semifinal and consolation matches in penalty kicks.

We are proud of all our teams, and thanks to everyone who made this a memorable weekend!

dsc_1768 dsc_1772

Varsity girls volleyball : 1st place

Varsity boys volleyball : 1st place

Varsity girls soccer : 3rd place

Varsity boys soccer : 4th place

Reporter : Talyann SOW

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