ISB Varsity Volleyball Duels BPS in the Panther Pen!

In their second match of the season, the varsity boys’ volleyball team duked it out with Bangkok Patana School in Rajendra Hall on September 12.

Playing in the vast confines of the main court and without the benefit of a packed house, the Panthers began the match by quickly taking the lead in the first set. ISB seemed stronger than their opponents and they dominated the majority of the exchanges, finishing off rallies with pinpoint smashes. The Panthers wrapped up the first set 25-17, without much resistance.

The second set mirrored the first; the Panthers played the role of conqueror while their opponents seemed content to wait for ISB’s unforced errors. It was a decent strategy, and the BPS Tigers roared back into the game at 24-23 from a six point deficit.

ISB eventually put the Tigers to bed and catapulted into the third set with a 2-0 advantage.


The opportunity for BPS to capture this match was lost. In the last set the Panthers continued to dominate, inflicting a 25-14 thrashing to send the Tigers home, licking their wounds. Co-captain Mauro Indigne led the way with some beautiful smashes, from Mauro Indigne.

“Everything, (…) in every single area, scorewise, we need to get better”. Said Assistant Coach Cameron Mccee when I asked him what they can improve.

Congratulations to the ISB Panthers on a well deserved victory.

Reporter: Talyann SOW

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