Swim Team Kick Off Event – Sept. 2

Swimming Kickoff Gala Recap

This Friday September 2nd was a calm afternoon. As usual, the weather was heavy, the sun hitting each person as much as the humidity. Everyone was probably thinking about diving in the water to freshen up. And indeed, the center of attention was ISB’s swimming pool that day.


The ISB Gala Kickoff 2016 took place in the showcase ISB pool, where up to a hundred young swimmers were excited to show their skills to their parents. A positive and friendly atmosphere reigned in the pool, without pressure or high-stake competition. The sight of swimmers of all ages warming up was quite impressive. The whole pool seemed to vibrate and boil as if it were filled with schools of energetic fish.


Then races started: 25 SC meters, 50 SC meters, and 100 SC meters were executed in all swimming styles (breast stroke, freestyle, backstroke and butterfly) with much rigor. Obviously there were joys and disappointments after each race, but fair play and support were key to this event’s success. When the oldest finished their races, they helped the youngest with advice just before they dive. Despite of the age and sex difference, we felt a strong bond between all those kids, members of the ISB Panthers Swim team. What a way to kick-off the season!


Reporter : Talyann SOW

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