JV Boys & Girls Soccer vs. NIST – Sept. 7

JVB soccer September 7th

This 7th of September, for their first match of the season, our JVB and JVG soccer teams played against NIST, on ISB’s fields C and D respectively. Game conditions were quite good: a 30 degrees temperature and some clouds that hid the burning sun rays.

The boys’ match was very interesting to watch. With 7 players on each side many opportunities were created, and both teams displayed a good technical level. NIST dominated in the first period, constructing multiple chances. But they consistently ran up against a big black and gold wall; the Panthers’ goalkeeper was impressive and saved every shot but one to keep his team closely behind NIST. It was just 0-1 at the end of this first period, during which players were a bit “nervous” according to Coach Jaspers.


In the second period the Panthers came back with better intentions. The Panthers’ coaches changed the 2-3-1 formation to a 3-1-2, in which the team played more easily. But the team’s efforts were not rewarded because they conceded another goal despite the several more saves of the goalkeeper. At the end of this second period it was 0-2 for NIST.

The team never gave up and kept playing until the very end. Thanks to this mentality and with the help of its substitutes, the Panthers made a huge come back to equalize (2-2). They even could have won, but the opponent’s goalkeeper was equally as good as his counterpart.

The girls’ match was very tight too, with neither team taking over, ending with a 1-1 score.

29578713205_544ab22acf_k (photo: Bob Connor)

It was an encouraging start for both teams in this young season.  Even if our Panthers didn’t win, “The (players) worked hard, they were nervous at the start, but overall I think with the progress I’m really satisfied.” said Coach Jaspers at the end of the boys’ game.

The JV teams next take on HIS, Wednesday the 14th of September. Go Panthers!

Reporter : Talyann SOW

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