Broadcast: May 4

Panther Productions Broadcast: May 4th from Panther Productions on Vimeo.

Good Morning Panthers! Hope you had a great weekend. Today we have Austin and Izzy anchoring for a special Star Wars day broadcast. They will be giving some important dates as well as showing you a short feature about how you can help the people affected by the earthquake in Nepal.
Anchors: Izzy, Austin
Editor: Samantha, Nihal, Alyssa
Screenwriter: Alyssa, Carol
Filmers: Samantha, Alyssa, Nihal
Sound: Samantha, Alyssa, Nihal

Personal outlook on the earthquake in Nepal
Filmer: Shai Gur (Footage from GCW)
Editor: Nihal
Voiceover: Josh Upadhyay

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