Volleyball Exchange

Both teams display encouraging performances at SAS

The girls' volleyball team enjoying their time in Singapore, photo by Emi Oda

The boys’ and girls’ Varsity volleyball teams gave it their all during this year’s pre-IASAS exchange, both finishing in third place. The Varsity boys’ team finished 2-3 after their round robin with 2 of their 3 losses happening in tight 3 set matches. Their final third place match was against the ISKL Panthers, who had previously beaten our ISB boys during the round robin.

The head coach of the boys’ team, Colin Stephenson stated, “playing ISKL for the second time helped to improve [their] play through the management of [their] unforced errors.” Fortunately, the ISB panthers were able to pull through and beat ISKL to finish in 3rd place in the tournament.

The girls’ team went into the tournament having lost most of their starting players, but still with a positive outlook and high hopes on placing in the top three. The girls played exceptionally overall, and were able to manage 3 wins and 2 losses, finishing in 3rd place overall.

Although they lost to the SAS Eagles and ISM Bearcats, they proudly stepped up their game and bagged 3 wins, against the ISKL Panthers, JIS Dragons, and Brent International School.

Samantha Mitchell (10) noted that, “during exchange, everyone seemed to step up their game and be able to work better with each other and as a team.” She also mentions that she feels as if the team is “already improving so much and is working hard towards their final destination, IASAS.”

Exchange is always a great experience for teams to get a taste of what IASAS will be like and be able to practice working as a team under pressure. Both teams are looking forward to the upcoming IASAS tournament in Manila, where they hope to perform their best and make the ISB panthers proud.

Stella Kim (10)

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  1. This article does a really good job of giving a description of the results of the exchange. I want to know more about the actual games though- were they close, how did they win?

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