The Return of the Organic Egg

A unique new addition to the cafeteria

Free range chickens.

Organic eggs are making their way back to the cafeteria, and they are not just good for our bodies, but they are also improving life for families right here in Thailand. Hilltribe eggs is a family owned and operated company. The owner’s own children attended ISB. Some operations for Hilltribe are even run by an ISB alumni from 2004.

Another thing that makes Hilltribe eggs so special is that they are not only organic, but they are also free range. Not many companies can say that their eggs are hormone, antibiotic, and pesticide free, and that their chickens are free to roam outside in a natural, stress-free environment. This makes the eggs much healthier for our bodies and lets us feel good about what we are eating.

Hilltribe is also considered a social enterprise. Their mission statement is to “Transform the lives of poor hill tribe communities in Northern Thailand.” Families are given hens to raise, and are educated about organic agriculture. This expands the skill set of the farmers and their families. With a consistent source of income and job security, families and traditional cultures remain intact and stable. This keeps more families out of looking for employment in crowded cities.

So, by purchasing these eggs in the cafeteria, you are not only supporting your body but also the entire circle of life, right down to ISB.

By Madeline Grove (12)


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