Registration for After School Programs is Now Open

Registration for after school programs is open now! See details about how to sign up below. It is our sincere hope that by having all of these programs available in one place for families, it will make it easier for parents to talk with their kids about what’s on, and to decide together what they want to do after school. 


Arts at ISB 
Anthony Giles at or visit the Arts at ISB Website.

ISB Athletics 
Elementary AthleticsKhun Apple, or  Kelley McKenna 
Middle School AthleticsKhun Apple, or Kelley McKenna 
High School AthleticsKhun Pang, or Chris Mott 

Or visit the ISB Athletics Website.

Panther Activities 
Khun Bee at, or Anthony Giles at

Panther Athletics
Khun Pop, or Khun Fon at 


Please join us  in the Chevron Theater at 8:00am on Tuesday, August 16th for a short presentation on how to use the new CCA registration platform. Attendees should bring their own device in addition to their powerschool login details. 

In addition, join us on Saturday the 20th of August between 9:00am and 12:00pm for the annual Panther Activities & Panther Athletics Fair, where Panther Coordinators & Panther Coaches will be on hand to share more about the various programs on offer at ISB, and to assist you with registrations. It will be located at the top of the zig-zag in MPB1-3. 


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