Native Language @ ISB

French: Jérémy Brassart

Where have you grown up and spent your life?
I was born and raised in France, studying in Aix en Provence and then moving to Paris. I spent a year in Boston, went back to Paris, and then moved to Thailand afterwards.
What are your fields of specialty and your interests/hobbies?
Sociology, journalism and literature. I love drawing, training dogs, woodworking and reading.
What have you enjoyed about teaching French at ISB?
I feel like an ambassador of my language. It’s great to see students showing interest in French and all cultural aspects. I love to see them making progress, and when they tell me how they have been able to communicate with people while traveling in France.
What are some tips for ISB families trying to maintain their children’s native language?
  1. Speak the language at home as much as possible. 
  2. Watch movies, cartoons, series, listen to music, sing, watch the news, read books, and play games in the language. 
  3. Less fun but important: work on grammar and conjugation with your children. A lot of children can speak fluently while still being unable to write. The 4 skills in language are: speaking and listening, reading and writing. 
  4. When possible, let the children spend holidays with full language and cultural immersion in your native country. They are often less shy when speaking with kids their age (cousins, friends, etc.) than with adults.