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May 17, 2021
by ISB Native Language Programs

A New Web Page and a Farewell

Panther Native Language Academy has a new web page with a long-familiar face: Khun Prisana’s.

The web page, part of a Panther Activities website upgrade, goes live just as Khun Prisana completes her time at ISB. 

Khun Prisana’s PK2 Thai students drew letters in salt this term before PNLA went on Zoom.

Khun Prisana taught her final PK2 Thai class on Zoom today, May 17, after four years of teaching in PNLA. Before that, she taught Thai for some 22 years at ISB, full- or part-time, over three different stints. Her first stint was at the former ISB campus on Sukhumvit Soi 15 in Bangkok.

Known for her patience, Khun Prisana told well-wishers today that she sees every challenge as a lesson.

We hope to see her smile for a long time on our website, but meanwhile, we wish her well as she begins her next chapter.

Farewell and ขอบคุณค่ะ, Khun Prisana!

*Note: this blog continues as a complement to the web page.

Khun Prisana reads to the after-school PK2 Thai class in February 2021

April 19, 2021
by ISB Native Language Programs

PNLA Continues on Zoom

Greetings! Panther Native Language Academy classes continue on Zoom during the ISB campus closure (details here).

Some PNLA classes will begin at their usual times, and some will be adjusted for the mutual convenience of students and teachers. Teachers will email students’ parents (ES) or students and their parents (MS/HS) to provide Zoom links.
Some ES classes may be shortened. Parents are respectfully asked to assist young students with PNLA class. 
If you have any questions or concerns, kindly email:
We will see you on Zoom!

April 5, 2021
by ISB Native Language Programs

“Multilingual is Normal” at ISB

Why not post the Elementary School cafeteria menu in Thai as well as English? 

This question from ES teacher Chad Rimbey recently led to a small yet powerful change at ISB: Khun Pook of Epicure writes the day’s menu in both languages on the chalkboard by the ES cafeteria.

This gives students studying Thai some extra reading practice; helps them to see Epicure staff as experts in a language they themselves are learning; and increases understanding of the menu for Thai readers. (All ES students study Thai for at least one year; Thai passport holders continue to study Thai throughout their schooling, and non-Thai passport holders can choose to continue studying Thai as a world language.)
This action sends a further message that “multilingual is normal”—coincidentally also the theme of the recent International Day of Multilingualism on March 27.
ISB boards and walls marked this occasion in other ways, too—from a prompt on the floor-to-ceiling chalkboard in the ES, to a bulletin board in the MS/HS Library, to posters in the Cultural Centre and around campus.
How else can you imagine sending the message that “multilingual is normal” at ISB?

March 5, 2021
by ISB Native Language Programs

Multilingualism and the Sustainable Development Goals

Did you know? Multilingualism has been identified as key to achieving the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, considered a blueprint for a better future.

This month—between UNESCO International Mother Language Day on February 21 and the International Day of Multilingualism on March 27—is a great time to explore connections between multilingualism and the SDGs. Here are three jumping-off points!

  • “Multilingualism: The language of international development,” blog post by David Atchoarena, Director of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning
  • “Mother tongue-based multilingual education: the key to unlocking SDG 4: quality Education for All,” booklet, the Asia-Pacific Multilingual Education Working Group
  • “The Role of Multilingualism in Effectively Addressing Global Issues: The Sustainable Development Goals and Beyond,” journal article by Kathleen Stein-Smith, Fairleigh-Dickinson University

February 1, 2021
by ISB Native Language Programs

PNLA Classes to Start In-Person on February 8

Students are back on campus, and Panther Native Language Academy classes will start in-person on Monday, February 8! Payment via CHQ is also due by February 8. 

If you still need to register, please write to this new email address:

It will be wonderful to have students back in class!

Above: Panther Native Language Academy teacher meeting in January.

January 11, 2021
by ISB Native Language Programs

Panther Native Language Academy to Resume in February

Happy New Year!
With campus closed due to Covid, Panther Activities (ISB’s after-school activities office) will delay registration and payment for Semester 2 activities in CHQ, so Panther Native Language Academy classes will not begin in January.
Most PNLA classes will begin in February, online if necessary.
Meanwhile, Virtual School is a great time to use native languages at home! Here are ISB’s Tips on Multilingual Learning at Home

December 3, 2020
by ISB Native Language Programs

Four Resources for Parents of Multilinguals

Here are four resources shared at the recent Raising Multilinguals: How? parent workshop, which may help parents of multilingual children. (Click to enlarge!)