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Planning for an IB Bilingual Diploma


When making a family language plan, some ISB families include a bilingual IB diploma. This is a diploma received at the end of high school, when the student has earned a score of 3 or above in two A languages selected from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program course studies in language and/or literature.

Excelling in language and/or literature in two A/native languages is quite a challenge. Families interested in the IB bilingual diploma will want to support and maintain their children’s native language(s) from as early an age as possible; they should also reach out to the Vice Principal in the Middle School or the Dean of Academics in the High School regarding questions on pathways and levels of proficiency needed to support success.

Questions? Email for an introduction to a counselor, administrator, or teacher who might be able to assist you.

ISB’s Class of 2020 had 36 students who earned a bilingual diploma. Their languages were Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Turkish.

Currently in ISB’s High School, in addition to languages taught during the school day, IB students are studying Danish, Dutch, Hebrew, Hungarian and Norwegian independently.

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