Modern World History – Corning

Global Issues Research Documents

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Period 1:


Period 6:

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Second Semester Review Guide

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MWH 2012 Second Semester Exam Review Guide – I will give you a hard copy in class but you can also download it today if you like.  You will have two class periods next week to review the material – come prepared by starting the review THIS WEEKEND and come to class with specific questions.  Before you ask questions, make sure that you have read the textbook, PPTs and your notes looking for the answers.  You should only ask me the BIG questions:)

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Student Feedback Form

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Student Feedback Form – please take 5 minutes before the exam day to complete this student feedback form.  This is your opportunity to tell me (via a survey) your opinions about our class – what worked for you, what didn’t, improvements, what you liked and what you would like to change.  I take your comments seriously so be sincere as you complete the form.  Of course, many of you – if not most – have been very vocal throughout  the year so this is really just one last opportunity to be heard!  Thank you:)

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Format for the Global Issues Panel Discussion – Please Review!

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We will discuss this in the Library but please review this information in advance of our next class meeting!  Our Panel discussions will take place May 18 – 25.  I will draw names each day to determine who presents that day.

Global Justice Panel- Format(Note:The teacher will make a quick introduction of the Research Question and the different positions of each panel.)General Overview – Entire Panel:

  • 1-2 minute general overview of the history of the issue and the current problem (group)

Discussion of the Problem:  

  • 1-2 minute overview of your “positions” view about the current problem (individual)
  • after each overview the other group members must comment on or propose questions based on what has been said.

Discussion of the Solution:

  • 1-2 minute overview of your “positions” view of the solution to the problem (individual)
  • after each solution proposed the other group members must comment on or propose questions based on what has been said.


  • Each student is allowed ONE slide in support of their presentation. Your group map may also be used in support of your argument/position.

Classroom Questions:

  • 5-10 minutes for class questions- each student is required to ask 2-3 meaningful questions during the week of Panel Discussions.

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Global Issues Discussion Panel – Position Assignments and RUBRIC

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Check the Google Document “Global Issues Panel Discussion” for your position assignment. Look on the chart where I assigned the teams – your name will be listed under the position for your issue.

Please review the Discussion Panel RUBRIC – you will be evaluated on your work on the panel.  The next blog post will have an overview of how the panels will operate!

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Focus Questions for Global Issues Panel

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As you research, use these questions to help you focus your research and in preparation for your Panel Discussion.

Global Issues Panel Discussion Questions:

Air Pollution – China

Air pollution is a necessary evil for the economic and social development of China.  To what extend do you agree with this statement?

Deforestation (palm oil/ timber) -Indonesia

Does Indonesia have a global obligation to protect and maintain its rainforests or should it be allowed to utilise this valuable resources for its economic development?

Over Fishing in International Waters – Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

Current fishing practices are unsustainable and unfair to developing nations.  Discuss this statement.

Gender/Cultural – Hijab in France

Is the current Hijib Law in France fair to all women and in the best interests of that nation?

Child Labor – India

Can/should child labor be eliminated in India within the next 10 years?

International Intervention in National Conflicts – Syria

Should the international community intervene to resolve the fighting in Syria?

War Crimes Trial – Charles Taylor Verdict

Does the Charles Taylor Trial give the world a useful model to follow to punish those accused of crimes against humanity?

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Additional Resources for Global Issues Panel Discussion

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Here is a link to Mr. Sweeney’s MWH Website – on the last page there are additional resources.  Keep checking this website because he continues to add more sources.

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Global Issues Panel Discussion – Last Summative Project! – Homework

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Our last summative assessment will be a Global Issues Panel Discussion.  Click on the link below to read the assignment (you must be signed into Google to open this.)  Your homeowrk assignment is to send me your preferences for this assignment (in 1-2-3 order) by Tuesday pm for Period 6 and Wednesday pm for Period 1.  This is a first-come, first-serve basis so the sooner you email me the more likely you get the issue you want to research! Check back Tues/Wed pm to find your assignment and start researching!

We will meet in the Library for the next three classes – please check the Google Calendar on our blog to confirm where to meet.  Get into your research groups and start working!

Global Issues Panel Discussion Assignment


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YIKES – Incorrect Quiz Dates

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Wow, big error on my part – I had the correct quiz dates on our Google Calendar but listed the incorrect dates on the blog post.  Thanks to Yukino for catching my error!  The correct quiz dates are May 8 and 9!

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Quiz – May 8/9 – Cold War – REVISED REVIEW LIST

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We will have a quick multiple choice, short answer quiz on May 8/9 covering the basic content of the Cold War Period.  Please study the key terms and questions from the textbook and review the “Post War Issues” and the “Cold War” power points.  Focus on the key terms/concepts discussed in the power points. Here are some suggested items to focus on:

  • Marshall Plan
  • Iron Curtain
  • Containment/Truman Doctrine
  • Domino theory
  • Brinksmanship – examples?
  • Detente
  • NATO and Warsaw Pact
  • Source of U.S. and U.S.S.R. animosities (ie, why they didn’t like each other)
  • Yalta and Potsdam Conferences – which countries were involved, leaders, decisions made?
  • Berlin Wall
  • Bay of Pigs/Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Proxy war
  • Korean War – why it started. who was involved, how it ended
  • Vietnam War – why it started, who was involved, how it ended
  • Why was is so difficult for former colonial nations to become democratic?  What was the appeal of communism for these countries?

These are just a start – I may add some more later.

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