World Water Day … Earth Hour –> Look After our Planet

In class, we have talked a lot about how we can cut down on the amount of garbage we produce, as well as what we think might be garbage can often be recycled. I would love to see everyone develop their own little action plan …  a way each of us can make a difference. Well, today is World Water Day! Besides our efforts in class, think about something you can do to help preserve our earth. Leave a comment below with your thinking … maybe it can connect to water somehow?

Working with Angles

Dear students … click on the image below to help you during math class today. We will be reviewing angles and how they connect to telling time!

Screen Shot 2559-02-28 at 5.48.48 PM

You can enjoy learning more about angles with the really fun games below. Leave a comment which explains which activity helped you the most, and why. The first 2 links go directly to 2 games, but the 3rd link takes you to a site which has a whole bunch of games. Have fun!

Alien Angles

Squirt The Dog

Assorted Games