Just Good Fun!

Well we had some wonderful visitors to the Main Library this morning.  We were so happy to welcome some of the Elementary School students in to read and check out books. There teachers, lead by Ms. Day, arranged for them to visit the library to celebrate reading.  In the Main Library we love this.  It is a chance for the younger ISB students to see what is in the Library and what they can look forward to in the future.  

It is also really fun to have them read to us.  Rarely do we get to have students read to us, so this morning I got to hear some of Dog Man, Best Friends, and a really popular book was the Amulet series.  It makes us so proud to know that the Elementary Students are so excited about reading and will soon be our patrons.  We thought we would also remind parents that you are always welcome to come to the Main Library to take a look and check out books for yourself or the children. 

While they had plenty of time to sit (in some cases lay) and read, they also got the tour where they saw all the Fiction books, the Non-Fiction, the VR Rooms, Video Room, and classes that were being taught in the library.  It was a GREAT morning in the ISB Main Library.

ES Students getting a tour of the Main Library at ISB. Photo Credit – K. Mam.

Lastly the students asked us about the display we have up for the season.  We have several that are the new books for Winter Holiday reading.  We also have a display up about Banned Books.  They were so full of questions, that we had a great talk about how not all books are best for everyone.  We shared that as librarians, we try to make sure everyone can find a book that they are interested in reading.  The students also learned that while we personally may not agree with all books our job is to provide the books for everyone’s interest.

It was a great reminder to our HS and MS students in the library that stopping our fast paced lives for a moment to read is something we should all do.  Today was a day where we all learned a little something from our wonderful Elementary students.  Thanks for visiting!

Bell’s Recommendation


The Power by Naomi Alderman

A strange thing is happening. Young girls seem to have obtained a new power. The power to conduct electricity at will. This starts in Africa and quickly spreads across the globe. Men feel threatened and know one really knows why or how this is taking place. That being said, some girls seem to be using it for their benefit while others are just out using it for fun. A unique story from a fantastic author!