Jennifer De Lashmutt

I’m  Jennifer DeLashmutt, the Director of Curriculum and Professional Learning at ISB.  My husband, Morgan, and I have two children, a son, Graham and a daughter, Meredith, who are both in high school here at ISB.  Prior to our time at ISB, we were at Hong Kong International School (HKIS), where I was the Upper Primary School Principal for four years and The PK-12 Director of Curriculum and Assessment before that.  
What do we do in the Learning Design Center (LDC)?  We are in our very own maker space.  We make meaning!  We make meaning out of curriculum, instruction and assessment.  It is a curiosity driven, research based, creative space for thinking and learning about…learning.  My primary areas of focus are providing support for the adult learners in our community with their professional goals, studying current pedagogical research and practices and sharing what is new with faculty, staff, administrators and parents.  Planning structures and systems for the implementation of our schoolwide strategic learning plan is ongoing and the fundamental core of how we operate in the LDC. I pretty much have the best job in the world!  I get to come to work every day with some pretty amazing people too, who help me learn and grow.