Writing to teach others – Wed 11th



What questions do I need to under under each section?

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Area Game

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Reading – main idea

Today we are going to spend some time looking at how to find the main idea.

  1. Watch this video – the pop out sentence is usually the topic sentence.

  2. Complete the main idea seesaw task I posted for you.

  3. Now go back and read about the topic you chose yesterday. Choose a section of non-fiction text (it could be on pebble go or in a book) what is the main idea in each paragraph? You can do this as a new post or write in on paper and take a photo. (I showed you what to do in the video I posted)


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Wednesday Morning Message

Image result for amazing trees 

I thought this was an amazing looking tree!

Start your day by having a tree chat with someone at home with you.

Why does it look like this? How could you climb it?


I am sorry to those people who have had problems with EPIC. I just found out that it does not work at home like it does in school! It might ask you to pay to sign up. You can do this if your parents want you to, but I am looking for new reading resources we can use.

We will still be able to use it when you return to school.

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Perimeter Lesson


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Reading – Tuesday 10th

Today I would like you to choose 2 or 3 topics that you are interested in becoming an expert on then can teach others about.

Use EPIC, pebble go or books you have at home to start reading about your topic.   Watch this video

As you read think about the following:

Will this be an interesting topic for others?

What new information will I teach them?

Am I interested in this topic?

Can I think of 3 big ideas that I will use as my paragraphs?



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Tuesday morning message

Good morning everyone. I have a message for you below. Make sure you watch the cool moon video down the bottom. If you can email me I’d love to hear what your are grateful for? Even when times are hard (like online learning) there are still things we are super lucky to have. I made my list below. 

Image result for gratitude

What are you grateful for?
I am grateful that online learning is only happening for a short time. I am grateful that I get to work with a great group of students. I am grateful that my students are adaptable and are amazing self managers.

Did you see the moon last night? I wonder who might like to be an expert on the moon and teach others?

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Accessing Epic

EPIC Books – Student Instructions (1)

Our class code is hlb7740

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