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Displaying Data

Click here, then follow the instructions given to make your graph

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Friday 21st April

It sounds like everyone had a great Songkran holiday. Children traveled near and far! Krabi, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Italy and New York to name a few! I had a relaxing week in Phuket 🙂

We now have only 7 weeks of Grade 3 until the end of the school year and there is lots going on! We are excited to be making our final decisions about what service or product we would like to do for Market Place. Taxes will be charged for things like, too much noise, space in the classroom, buying and reselling of items but bonuses can be earned for using recycled goods, doing the labor themselves etc. Next week the children will work on a business plan for their proposed idea. They might need to rethink their ideas if taxes are going to be high. Please remember to keep Wednesday 31st May free for parent shopping day at the G3 Market Place.

We started a new reading unit this week about Social Issues. I hope the children have been discussing this with you as it was a home learning task this week. This week I read some different picture books that had a range of social issues, then we had a whole class, ‘book talk circle.’ The children were working on building on the ideas of others, disagreeing and using evidence to support their thinking. There have been some great discussions. We will start book clubs next week and children

We finished and published out Writing to Teach Others work this week and look forward to sharing these with you and the class in the next few weeks. Next week we being a persuasive writing unit.

We continue to work on data handling in math and made some glyphs this week which required us to collect, organise and display data. We are using these to interpret information and find out more about each other. Please encourage your child to complete the home learning tasks on dream box.

Enjoy the weekend 🙂


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Friday 7th April

Happy Songkran! I hope you all have a great week.

I have asked the children to keep thinking of options for Market Place, either goods or services. There will be a very high tax charged for goods that are purchased then resold. They are encouraged to use recycled goods to make things. They need to return their business proposals after songkran. It would be great if yo could talk to your child about this and have discussions about what would be involved in the different ideas they come up with.

This week we started a Data unit in math and we will continue this after Songkran. 

We finished up our reading unit this week, reading to become and expert and will being a unit on Social Issues after the break. 

Have a great week and keep safe 🙂


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Adobe Page

Click here for the link

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Friday 31st March

We finished our fractions unit this week. The children really enjoyed learning about fractions and made great progress. They learned the meaning of the numerator and denominator, what is a fraction, when and why should things be divided equally, how fractions can be represented on a number line and how different fractions can be equal. We played lots of games to help support our learning. We also realised how knowing our multiplication and division facts can really help us with fractions! Keep practicing.   

A reminder that Thursday 30th March is a Professional Development Day for teachers so no school for students.

Guidance next week:

In guidance this week, third graders will be learning the Touching Rule:  No one should touch your private body parts except to keep you clean and healthy.  By the end of the lesson children will understand this rule, be able to identify the names of their private body parts (in case they ever have to report a touching problem) and understand that it’s never a child’s fault if someone breaks this rule.  They will also learn what to do if someone breaks this rule:  1.  Say words that mean “no”   2.  Get away   3.  Tell a grown up that they trust as soon as they can.  They will learn that they should not keep secrets about touching problems, and they will identify adults that they can go to with a big problem such as this.  Finally, they will learn that it is never too late to report a touching problem.  The children will be told that it is unlikely that this will happen to them, but just in case they will know what to do.  Thank you for your support.

We are enjoying the Market Place Unit and learning about budgets. On Monday I will send a letter home with more information about the upcoming market place. 

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Research sites


Kid-friendly research

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Box making

Making boxes

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Math Games

Making Pizza Game with fractions

Mixture of fractions – number lines, pictures etc 

Animals on the number line

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Friday 24th March

Wow, another busy fun week in Room 212!

What a great music celebration! I loved seeing the children perform in front of such a large crowd. They were fantastic performers and amazingly talented 🙂

Our Market Place unit is off to a great start and the children are working hard to earn panther dollars! They learned about paying tax this week and paying rents! We have started to talk about goods and services and we are building a list of things they might like to do for Market Place. I will send a letter home soon but until then please read the information below.

Students are actively involved in a study of economics where they earn credits and debits. The students’ potential to earn credits and debits (incentive!) also helps teachers facilitate classroom management.

While economics is considered part of the elementary math curriculum, textbooks and other programs often neglect to incorporate economic instruction. The classroom economy can fill this void while serving as a fun way for students to act as both consumers and economists in a real world setting.

Students will:

  1. Participate in a classroom economy designed to mimic real world economic activity.

  2. Compare economic systems over time and history.

  3. Evaluate the importance of classroom jobs and daily responsibilities.

  4. Perform classroom jobs to earn daily salaries.

  5. Budget their money.

  6. Use a decision making model to make consumer decisions.

  7. Reflect on the importance of saving money.

  8. Discover that every decision has an opportunity cost.

  9. Observe consumer behavior to understand the law of supply and demand.

Culminating Activity

By the end of the unit, students have learned diverse economic concepts while participating in an economy that mimics activity in the real world.

As part of our study of economics, the students will be participating in Marketplace. For Marketplace, each student will be conducting his/her own business. The dates selected are: May 15, May 22,and May 31st (for parents).   Students can also market their products by creating advertisements on posters or even filming commercials. A detailed letter will be sent home shortly. 

As part of the unit we also study the importance of Fair Trade.  The essential understandings are:   


•     Choices matter–what people buy can detract from or enhance the quality of life of people in other locations

•     Economic justice results from people being paid a living wage for their work


•     Producers’ decisions regarding the natural, human and capital resources used determines the environmental impact


•     Producers determine the demand (how much and by whom) for goods or services when planning for marketing and production.

Math: We continue our fractions unit and the children have made amazing progress. We are having great discussions and realising that fractions are everywhere! We also realise how closely fraction are connected to multiplication and division so we are practicing our multiplication facts to ensure we remember them. Keep practicing at home!

Reading: We changed reading groups this week and are now researching a different animal. We are working with partners and learning to talk about topics and use subheadings to help us organise information.

Mrs S has been working on writing while I have been doing reading assessments. The children are working on a new writing unit call Writing To Teach Others. They have all chosen topics and are ready to do some further research.

Please see the following note that was included in eNews last week.

“Parents who would like to give us information to consider for class placement in 2017-18 are welcome to do so.  Please pick up a form in the Counseling Office starting Monday, March 20.  The forms are due back in the Counseling Office by Wednesday, April 5.  

Please note:  Parents may not request specific teachers.  This form asks for learning and educational information regarding your child.”

Also please see this note from the eNews regarding children who are leaving

(Repeat) If You Know you are Leaving ISB

Families who are leaving ISB at the end of the school year are asked to inform the school as soon as possible using the official Notice of Withdrawal Form.  This helps us prepare school records for your child and with planning for next year.  Completed forms can be dropped off at the ES Office.

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